Jumat, 10 Juni 2011


Do u remember, Oh my love
When the appointment came out at the altar of love
Beautifully decorated with the moon give off light
We are united in the bond without sense of falsehood

Do you remember, Oh my love
Wherever such a beautiful way to create
Althought sometimes the story does not always work properly
But the loyalty of our soul is able to give answer

Oh my beautiful angel
Althought now you no longer can be touched
But go through life with your love lives in my heart
Accompany a star like the moon in dark night

Oh my beautiful princess
In my loneliness comes go through life with your face shadow
Give the sweetest smile for a moment my soul longs waived
Wherever so faithful accompany my life without a touch of warm arm

My return here early in the story we created
Standing on love inscriptions scaterred flowers - beautiful flowers
And the fragrant scent in the breeze of peace
Here go through life with her love waking immortality
Beautiful decorated with jewels sparkle - filled charm
And would not obsolete even though it ends of life

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